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Webheads Convergence 2009 (May 22-24)


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Organizing Team

Vance Stevens (Webhead Link)

Claire Bradin Siskin

Dennis Oliver

Bee Dieu

Nina Liakos

Carla Arena

Minhaaj ur Rehman

Tom Leverett

Doris Molero

Elderbob Brannan

Doug Symington

Moira Hunter

Cristina Costa

Nellie Deutsch

Aiden Yeh

Dennis Newson (aka Denos or Osnacantab)

Daf (aka Daf Smirnov)

Sedat Akayoglu

Graham Stanley

Anne Fox (foxdenuk Moorhen)

Nelba Quintana ( aka Nelba Aeon) / blog / ARCALL- CALL Argentina

Elizabeth Hanson-Smith / ehansonsmi @ /  blognew homepage

Buthaina Al-Othman (aka Buth)

Rita Zeinstejer


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