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Archive WIAOC09 Editing

Page history last edited by Berta 13 years, 2 months ago


Editing Helpdesk at WIAOC 2009


This page started out as a space to sign up to participate in our Audio Editing Backstage Helpdesk area:

If you are willing to volunteer to edit at a particular recording, please put your name in the table below.

We have 30+hours of unedited audio. All are welcome.

The recordings that need editing are at: http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/

Audio recordings already edited by Jeff Lebow are at: http://webheadsinaction.org


What do you have to do if you sign up here? You would be expected to know how to edit raw audio.

Some technical expertise is assumed though you can gain that Webcast Academy has produced. Here are some screencasts that can help out. The aim is to cut out innecessary silences in the raw audio.

You are expected to add your name in the corresponding row of your selected audio and place a tic when the job is done at the progress column.

We are using http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ as our audio editing software.


There is also a Skype chat that has been running as a back channel.  If you wish to be added please let us know. Jose's Skype ID: coordinatortwo Maru's Skype ID: mmvmaru


NOTE: An "E" at the progress column means that there is a copy of that audio from Elluminate as MP3

Raw Recording ID/Link                            
GMT Time
Editor Volunteer
Presenter Notes
May-22 01:00   Jeff, Jose, Doug--EDtech Brainstorm
E http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May22-0200GMT.mp3 May-22 02:00     " A conversation on Integrating technlogies in the EFL Class and Web 2.0 as multiliterated agents"
Interview of Vance by Doris Molero
May-22 09:00   The XyText Notecard Reader - Teresa Almeida d'Eça
  http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May22-1000GMT.mp3  May-22 10:00   Benefits and drawbacks of using The 2in1 Holodeck and the vComm Presenter in Education - Angelina Macedo/
E http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May22-1100GMT.mp3 May-22 11:00  

Self Organised Learning and Mediation Environments - the future of schools?

Sugata Mitra
E http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May22-1200GMT.mp3
May-22 12:00   Technology innovations for language learning and teaching -
Jeong-Bae Son (Australia); Vance Stevens (UAE); Antonie Alm (New Zealand); Andrew Lian (USA); and Siew Ming Thang (Malaysia)
E http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May22-1400GMT.mp3 May-22 14:00   Cracking the Native Information Experience - David Warlick
E http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May22-1500GMT.mp3 May-22 15:00   Digital Habitats: Stewarding technology for communities - Nancy White
  http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May22-1700GMT.mp3 May22 17:00   Social relationships in English City - Jessica Driscoll
May-22 18:00   The Learning Curve for Architectural Education in Virtual Worlds -

Moira Hunter

Marlene Brooks

Jon Brouchoud

E http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May22-1900GMT.mp3 May-22 19:00   Orientation to Quest Atlantis Bron Stuckey (this version: poor quality audio)
E http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May22-2000GMT.mp3 May-22 20:00  

Pecha Kucha Session 1

Heike Philp

Robert Squires 

Donal Thompson

  http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May22-2100GMT.mp3 May-22 21:00   A tour of Ciudad Bonita in Second Life - Dafne Gonzalez

Cristina Palomeque

  http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May22-2200GMT.mp3 May-22 22:00  

Evelyn Izquierdo

Jennifer Verschoor

SL Basic Skills (For beginners)

E http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May22-1200GMT.mp3 May-22 23:00   Google Apps in the Classroom - Rita Zeinstejer
  http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May23-0100GMT.mp3 May-23 01:00   EFLBridges Building - Jeff, Jose
E http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May23-1000GMT.mp3 May-23 10:00   To use Web 2.0 tools, that is the question... or not! - Teresa Almeida d'Eça
  http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WIAOC09-May23-1030to1200GMT.mp3 May-23 10:30    Virtual Worlds and Language Learning Graham, Nergiz, Dennis
E http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May23-1200GMT.mp3 May-23 12:00   Open Mic Session - Michael Coghlan
E http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May23-0101GMT.mp3
May-23 1:00   How to Deliver a Memorable Online Demo - Robin Good
E http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May23-1500GMT.mp3 May-23 15:00   Distributed learning, personal goals and the role of communities -
Joeph Colpaert
  http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May23-1600GMT.mp3 May-23 16:00   Demonstrtion of Virtual Language Learning Machines and their use and in the virtual classroom - Chris Speck
E http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May23-1700GMT.mp3 May-23 17:00   Open & Networked Teaching: A Transformative Journey - Alec Couros
E http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May23-1900GMT.mp3
May-23 19:00   StoryChasing: Empowering Students as Digital Witnesses (Part 2 of 2)
Wesley Fryer
E http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May23-2100GMT.mp3 May-23 21:00   Research on teacher identity from Quest Atlanti Bron Stuckey
E http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May23-2200GMT.mp3 May-23 22:00  

Pecha kucha Session 2: 

Dennis Newson

Holly Longstroth 

Peter Ockenden 

Buthaina Al Othman

Erwin Zetz

Raymond Romanos


E http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May23-2300GMT.mp3 May-23 23:00 Maru Creating Bridges
  http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May24-0100GMT.mp3 May-24 01:00   Jeff and Jose -Brainstorming on Webcasting
E http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May24-0900GMT.mp3 May-24 09:00  
Mentoring - Angi Malderez

E http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May24-1100GMT.mp3 May-24 11:00  
Alex Hayes
E http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May24-1200GMT.mp3 May-24 12:00  
Digital Play- Graham Stanley
  http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May24-1300GMT.mp3 May-24 13:00   Michael Coghlan Unconference session
E http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May24-1400GMT.mp3 May-24 14:00   Graham Atwell
Steven Warburton 
- Digital Identities
E http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May24-1500GMT.mp3 May-24 15:00   Real English - Mike Marzio (this veresion: no real audio content--testing audio)
E http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May24-1600GMT.mp3 May-24 16:00   Minhaaj Ur Rehmann
E http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May24-1700GMT.mp3 May-24 17:00   Dave Cormier
E http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May24-1800GMT%20.mp3 May-24 18:00   Funa And Games and Professional Development - Anne Fox
E http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May24-1900GMT.mp3 May-24 19:00   Teacher Identities (?) Quest Atlantis Bron Stuckey
  http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May24-2100GMT.mp3 May-24 21:00  
Carmela Dell'Aria
E http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May24-2200GMT.mp3 May-24 22:00 Gonzalo Digital Natives Perceptions on EFL Online F2F Writing Revisions - Bertha Leiva
E http://worldbridges.info/wiaoc09/audio/WiAOC09-May25-0100GMT.mp3 May-24 23:00   Moving a Community Forward - Kim Cofino, Jeff Utecht


We are using http://www.mikogo.com/Welcome.aspx to share desktops in the workshops given by Jose.

To download a quick reference guide for workshop participants:




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